Collaborators in Education

Beyond the School Yard

Parkside has partnered with the following organizations to further instill in our children a love for learning and discovery! We are very grateful for what they offer to our children and community. Currently our Parkside kids are attending weekly classes at the Chico Nature Center and Two-by Two Ranch and loving it!

Scholastic Books

Several times during the year Parkside will sponsor a Scholastic Book Fair to provide a convenient opportunity for parents to purchase books for their children. We strive to strengthen your child’s reading skills, while we partner up to raise readers and build classroom libraries.

Butte County Book Mobile

The arrival of Literacy Coach (Butte County Library’s customized mobile van) always creates a wave of excitement! Each preschool class gets to spend 30 minutes inside the bus and completes a special project. Upon leaving each child is presented with a quality children’s book to take home. We are so grateful that Parkside is one of the 43 schools chosen to participate in this beneficial program

that helps instill in our children the “love and importance of reading.”

Chico Nature Center

Bidwell Park was made for exploring and having fun and we take full advantage of being within walking distance to the Chico Nature Center. Whether you attend a “Great Gobblers Preschool workshop,” a “Buggy World” birthday party or become a nature detective on an “Animal Discovery Hike,” the Chico Creek Nature Center offers kids of all ages a place to interact with nature, discover Bidwell Park’s diverse ecosystem and learn about preserving this natural resource.

Fit Thru Five

Butte County Fit thru 5 is a collaborative comprised of community partners dedicated to enhancing opportunities for healthy active living for young children in Butte County. In July 2009, Parkside Preschool collaborated with Butte County Fit Thru Five to comply with their standards for enhancing the growth and development of healthy for the children in our care.

In February 2010, Parkside was “recognized” by Fit Thru Five fo:

“Providing optimal nutrition and physical activity for the children they serve!  This provider completed a self-assessment to find simple areas for improvement and they made the changes necessary to receive a formal recognition from the Fit thru 5 Collaborative.  We thank you for your leadership in our community!”


Parkside has partnered with GRUB (Growing Resourcefully Uniting Bellies) since 2009. Parkside’s garden was started by GRUBS in October 2009. For a year they came weekly to our preschool to instill in our children a love for fresh, healthy foods.  Our Discovery Day Camp kids have gone to their farm weekly for the past two summers for “hands on” gardening education. GRUBS are a valuable resource for Parkside and our community.

Gateway Science Museum

The Gateway Science Museum is a popular field trip designation for our school age students.   The interactive exhibits” inspire the exploration of science and natural history in our region and beyond”.  It is so impressive how the children interact so creatively with all the “hands on” stations and how engaged they are right up to their final farewell. They have also received “kudos” each time for their excellent behavior!‎

Two By Two Petting Ranch

Miss Tina comes monthly with a featured animal to educate and delight our children. The “Animal of the month” is one of our most popular enrichment programs.

During the summer the Discovery Club kids take a weekly field trip to the ranch for a real hands-on farm experience. While at the farm the kids will get to feed the animals, collect eggs, groom horses, and milk a cow, cuddle with babies and more. They will learn about all the animals in a fun and exciting way.