Welcome to Parkside Preschool & Daycare!

At last, a childcare center that offers Love, Learning & Laughter all under one roof….

Parkside Daycare & Preschool offers a unique kind of childcare that all parents dream of having their child be a part of during those precious young years. Our goal is to teach each child who comes through our doors that they are safe outside of the home, the importance of respect and good manners, and to encourage their love of learning so it continues with them throughout their entire life. We will do this by collectively performing minor acts of caring to create a major impact in the lives of each precious child.

Thank you for visiting Parkside Daycare & Preschool. We wish you a day filled with happiness through the laughter and love of a child.

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How is Parkside different from other preschools or daycares?

Our location! Parkside Preschool and Daycare is the only childcare facility situated right on Bidwell Park. Many of our preschool activities are focused around discovering Bidwell Park. Parkside is only 3 blocks from Parkview Elementary School and Bidwell Park Nature Center. Chico has over 50 childcare centers, but only Parkside has Bidwell Park at its doorstep!